Tuesday, 15 October 2013

It's been a while

The title says it all really. The title and the date of my last post: 17 July. Yep, it's been a while. 

We've had a lot going on at Miss Ashleigh HQ lately and we have a lot planned for the upcoming months, so I wanted to take a moment to step back, take a breath and have a little one-sided virtual chat with you guys. 

First up, let me say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support with the Wave of Polish charity auction for SANDS Australia. I know I have said thank you a few times on Facebook but hey, here I am saying it again. Pregnancy and infant loss is something that has affected people close to me, but until I was contacted by the wonderful Theresa (who organised the charity auction) I didn't realise how many other people had been affected by this kind of loss as well. The facts are that 'each year in Australia, approximately 150,000 couples experience reproductive loss; about 147,000 experience a miscarriage, 1,750 babies are stillborn and about 850 babies die in the first 28 days after birth'. When I read this information for the first time on the SANDS website (www.sands.org.au), I was shocked. I am so proud of everyone who has got behind this cause either by sharing the information, painting their nails pink or blue as part of 'wave of polish' or bidding on our auction polishes - you have made a tremendous effort and I now put my perfectly manicured paws together and together again and together again in quick succession to applaud you. Thank you!

You also may or may not have seen on one of our social media mediums (even I lose track of them sometimes) that Miss Ashleigh has now officially launched in Norway! Which means we are now officially international, and we are now officially (or unofficially) awesome. We are so happy that Wenche from Norway Nails - www.norwaynails.com - has decided to take us onboard. We realise that the retail costs for Norway orders + shipping costs are still not practical for everyone, rest assured we are still finalising a few more international stockists, which will hopefully make Miss Ashleigh more accessible for all of you. 

In terms of what we have planned for you over the next few months, the most obvious is a summer collection. It is in the works, we are sure you will love it and we are hopefully to have sneak peeks available for you soon. We are also thinking about refreshing our look a little, but no more on that just yet!

Don't forget when you are sharing your Miss Ashleigh mani's to #missashleigh so that we can see them and share them in our Customer View Facebook album. And if you have a question or a blog topic you'd like to see us address, drop us a comment on here or on our Facebook page!


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Pre-orders for the Upcoming Collection!

Due to the interest around this collection (and the thermals in particular!), we've decided to take pre-orders for the super keen beans to secure their bottle before the official release next weekend. 

Pre-orders will be live on the site from 10am tomorrow morning, Thursday 18 July. Pre-orders will close in one week time! Go, go, go!

Limited stock will be available for pre-orders, what is left after pre-orders finish will be available for the official release next weekend.

How does a pre-order work? some of you might be thinking.  Well, the new collection will be listed on the website tomorrow just like all our other colours - you add to cart like usual, and pay like usual. BUT - and here is the difference - your order won't be shipped until the official release next weekend. The pre-order does not mean you will receive the polish before it's release, it is purely to reserve your bottle. As mentioned earlier, our thermals have been of particular interest to many of you and we have a limited amount of pigment, hence the pre-order.

As a special treat for anyone taking part in the preorder, the full set will be available for $100.00 (+ shipping), which is just over 10% off. The full set is all 8 x 14ml bottles of polishy goodness.

Any questions or problems tomorrow, please email us at sales@missashleigh.com.au


The Upcoming Collection

It's been a long time in between posts and imma gon go allll out today and do two posts. One with swatches, one with pre-order deets. Prepare yo selves!

Oh, and I'm half gansta today.

Ok, gansta time over.

This first post is to introduce our new collection, which I have been referring to as our 'upcoming collection' for so long now that it actually feels like that's the collection name. The Upcoming Collection. It works.

As usual, we sent some samples out to our wonderful polish swatcher Belinda (who you can find on Instagram as @nailingaround) as well as a new swatcher Tammy (who you can find on Instagram as @ohmygoshpolish). Belinda brings us the drool worthy swatches, Tammy brings us the fabulous nail art - together they may just take over the world.

Without further ado or unnecessary rambling, meet the newest additions to the family:

'A Clean Slate' (we've all prayed for one of them before). A Clean Slate is a beautiful soft grey creme. I find that I reach for this one the most as a bit of a palette cleanser. Belinda wears it here as two coats plus topcoat.

'This Camo Is Whammo!'. Yes m'am it is. The perfect shade for when you're hiding in bushes with binoculars. Belinda wears two coats + topcoat. 
'In The Navy'. Camo, Navy - is this a tribute to the troops? In The Navy is a shimmery deep navy blue - it has a subtle shimmer that looks ab fab in natural sunlight. Belinda wears two coats + topcoats. 

'My Merlot Made Me Do It'. Honestly, has there ever been a better excuse for, well, anything? My Merlot Made Me Do It is a vampy red, I love this shade for the cooler weather. It's an excellent pairing (if you're +18) with a glass - or bottle, whatever - of merlot and if anything goes wrong then at least you've already got your excuse lined up! Belinda wears two coats + topcoat
'Hot Flush'. As one of my customers quipped, 'menopause has never looked so glamorous'. I think that says it all really. This was the first thermal we introduced to you ladies and your response was like watching an episode of Girls Gone Wild. Consequently, we've added two more thermals to the collection. Well played ladies, well played. Belinda put together a four stage pictorial of how this purple to pink thermal works, in it's natural cold state the polish is a dark purple and when hot it transitions to a pink/magenta. Transition stages are usually more of a magenta. The polish has scattered holo throughout, so be sure to dance your fingers around in natural sunlight when wearing it. Belinda wears three thin coats + topcoat. 

'Tickled Pink'. This is exactly how we felt when we came up with this one, so it was easy to name. It's an eye-searing neon pink with scattered holo throughout. I like to throw this on when winter is making life feeling a bit dreary. Or when I want to stare at my nails all day. Belinda wears three coats + topcoat.  
Now, the additional thermals. 'Kryptonite'. We all have our weaknesses, this is one of ours! It's a mossy green to lime green thermal, with scattered holo throughout. We didn't get this to Belinda on time, so I've swatched it below. I wore three coats + topcoat. 
And finally 'Supernova'. Super pretty. Super thermal. Super get-on-my-fingers-immediately. It's natural state is similar to that of Hot Flush, but Supernova transitions to blue. It has silver glitter mix throughout (hex and the occasional star), scattered holo, and magenta round glitter. Swatched by me again, three coats + top coat. 
And to finish over, we have a selection of nail art by Tammy using the colours from The Upcoming Collection, Tammy often provides video tutorials on her Instagram if you would like to learn how to do any of these designs!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Trend tips with Rachael Brook

Most of you would be aware of my recent collaboration with the wonderful Rachael Brook, but I was so happy with the shots she produced that I figured it was worth a blog post!

Rachael recently shared a 'Back to Black' blog post on her website www.rachaelbrook.com, featuring four nail trends for 2013. The post featured our Miss Ashleigh 'Matte Hatter' top coat, along with our black 'Just Bead It!' kit used to create the infamous caviar mani, and our 'Tell Me About It, Stud' kit for some fierce studded nails. The photos are by photographer Tane Coffin, who has done a beautiful job of capturing these nails. Make up and nails both done by Rachael herself.

Here are the three Miss Ashleigh features below!

Matte nails using Miss Ashleigh 'Matte Hatter' top coat - get the look here 

Caviar nails using Miss Ashleigh black 'Just Bead It!' kit. This looks is SO easy to achieve and also very affordable. It's the cheapest 'caviar' you'll ever find! We have a step by step guide on the website on how to use this product - view the step by step here

Fierce and fabulous nails using our 'Tell Me About It, Stud' kit. Again, another very easy look to achieve - step by step on the website www.missashleigh.com.au

Rachael has a huge range of beauty trends and tips on her website - www.rachaelbrook.com - it is well worth the visit.

You can keep in touch with Rcahel on Instagram as well at @rachaelbrook.

If you would like to see more photography by Tane Coffin, you can follow him on Instgram at @tanecoffin


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Let's talk about first base

I have had several people ask the question, ‘Do I really need to use base coat?, and  I like to equate it to asking the dentist, ‘Do I really need to use toothpaste?’ If you don’t use toothpaste, sooner or later those pearly whites are going to end up stained, yellowed and damaged (plus, your breath will pong). Cut out base coat and the results are the same, minus – of course – the bad breath.

To me, base coat is not an optional step (nor is top coat, but for different reasons and we’ll save that for a different post!). It is also not a difficult step, which is even more reason not to skip it! It’s quick drying and you don’t need to be too neat with it, so if you weigh up an extra two minutes added to your allocated mani time vs stained, yellow nails then it’s really a no brainer.

Why should I use a base coat?

There are two main reasons to use base coat. The first one is that base coat helps nail polish stick – it’s the best way to get a good bond to the nail plate and it provides a smooth, even surface for applying colour. So if you are looking for a longer lasting manicure – and let’s face it, aren’t we all? – then make sure you are slapping on your base coat first. You are likely to extend your mani by a day or two and you’ll notice your colour glides on easier as well!

Ok, I’m listening...

The second reason is that base coat helps prevent staining (this is where the toothpaste analogy comes in) and when I say 'staining' there are two different ways your nail can be 'stained'. The first is due to highly pigmented polishes, particularly dark shades (think blues, blacks, reds). Some highly pigmented polishes can seep into, and stain, the nail. Have you ever removed red nail polish only to discover that your natural nail underneath now looks like a crime scene? We've all been there. It's extremely frustrating and it requires some painstaking soaking to remove it. The other type of staining, is a yellow discolouration on top of your nail. And I’m not talking ‘Seal Yellow’ made popular during the first season of The Voice. I’m talking stained, unhealthy, yellow nails. This is due to excessive nail polish use without using a base coat. 


But wait, there's more! If you have nails that are weak, peel, have ridges etc, there are specific base coats aimed at correcting those problem areas. For everyday use, we do a Miss Ashleigh Base Coat – recommended for people without any existing problems mentioned above, which you can find in store.

Now go forth and polish, and remember - it all starts at first base!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Worldwide Shipping

Those of you who know me well, will be aware of my love/hate relationship with a certain Australian postal system. And when I say love/hate, I mean mostly hate. Pretty much all hate. Like 99%, hate.

Nail polish is a funny old thing, a funny old flammable thing - and therein lies the problem. It is classified as dangerous goods, so shipping it by air is a bit like Mission Impossible and I am not a bit like Tom Cruise. The Australian postal system flat out refuses to carry nail polish out of Australia as airmail, which is why Miss Ashleigh currently does not offer international shipping and why all domestic orders placed need to travel via road mail.

It is a very disheartening thing, having something you are so proud of yet can't share. Especially when you know that there is international interest out there. I have had many questions from you - on both our business Instagram @missashleigh, as well as my nail art account @letsgogetnailed - about international shipping and I am very happy to announce that in a few months time, worldwide shipping will be added to our website! It feels good to finally have answers.

I have been in talks this week with a private courier and things are finally beginning to fall into place. It is going to take time to get it all in working order, but when we do I think you will all be more than happy with the international rates we will be able to offer - it is particularly beneficial for bulk orders. It also opens up the possibility of shipping in bulk to international stockists, which will be the next step once worldwide shipping is finalised.

I will continue to update the blog with shipping info as it comes in, so watch this space!

Gee Brain, what do you want to do tonight? 

The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to take over the world!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Swatch Fest part two!

Yesterday I showed you swatches of by the wonderful Belinda @nailingaround, and today I have the second installment of swatches - this time from Bec @nailgunxs. Bec has also done a terrific job - she is a genius swatcher and you can see more of her work on her blog http://www.nailgunxs.com/

First up, Baby's Got The Blues. This shot is taken in indirect light. 

Here is another shot of BGTB, this time taken in direct light with some Miss Ashleigh 'Diamonds darling' added to the mani.

This is an unreleased Miss Ashleigh called Betty Confetti. We absolutely love this stark white glitter mix and will be releasing it as soon as possible - we are currently waiting on some new bottles and this little baby will be getting pumped out as soon as they arrive! This is Betty Confetti in direct sunlight.

And here it is again in indirect light. 

Below is Bec's swatch of Pin-Up Girl!

 Too Hot To Be Blue is a dusty pink that looks divine on Bec!

Below is another unreleased Miss Ashleigh - and this one is also unnamed! Feel free to email or comment any name suggestions you may have - if we pick your name then you've won yourself a free bottle once it's released!

Finishing up with one of my summer faves for the tootsies - A Pastel Experi-mint.

And of course, to take your mani from daytime to night time - a coat of Mardi Gras, bound to get any party started!